careers for medical coders and billers

Careers for Medical Coders and Billers 

If you would like a career in the ever-expanding healthcare field, but prefer administrative duties over direct patient care, a job as a medical coder or biller might be ideal for you. Daytona College offers a diploma in Coding and Billing for Electronic Medical Records Online program which provides comprehensive training in insurance billing, coding, […]

4 useful tips for finding a medical assistant school

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Medical Assisting Program

If you’re interested in training to become a medical assistant, congratulations! Medical assistants are vital to keeping our healthcare system running smoothly, and provide valuable assistance to doctors and nurses, as well as providing care and support for patients. Here are four important things to consider when you are trying to decide which school is […]

The Difference Between an Associate Degree, a Diploma and a Certificate

The Difference Between an Associate Degree, a Diploma and a Certificate

When it comes to getting an education, there are so many options, an Associate Degree, a Diploma, or a Certificate. All those options, along with deciding where, when, and what to study  – it can be difficult. When is the right time? What will you study? Where will you go? So many things to consider. […]

Home Health Aide – What’s in a Name?

There are some professions where it’s pretty clear from the job title, what that job is all about, except Home Health Aide, what’s in the name? Sure, we get Home Health Aides, – a person who helps someone in their homes. But these healthcare heroes offer so much more than that. For National Family Caregivers Month, we’re shining a light on the men […]

Nursing What can you do with it

Nursing – What can you do with it?

It’s safe to say if you ranked all the career paths out there based on that “I’m making a difference” feeling, careers in nursing – would probably make the top ten. After all, when your job is all about helping other people feel better and you’re in a field that pays well and is predicted […]

A medical assistant in scrubs stands arms crossed

Launch your Healthcare Career as a Medical Assistant

Health careers, in general, are on the rise. Things like an aging population of baby boomers, government healthcare, and advances in technology have all contributed to an explosion of growth in the healthcare industry. One career path that is predicted to grow even faster is that of the medical assistant. In fact, the Occupational Information […]

Woman on Massage Table feeling the spa vibe

Love the spa vibe? So many jobs to choose from!

It’s safe to say that a career helping people feel and look their best is a pretty rewarding way to earn a living. Maybe that’s why so many people are choosing to pursue careers in the beauty industry. And why not? After all, imagine a daily grind that didn’t feel like a grind at all… […]

woman being interviewed

Best Interview Looks

First impressions matter. Especially when you finally get the call you’ve been waiting for.  You know – that call, the interview for the job of your dreams call.  What will you say? How should you introduce yourself? But more importantly, how will you look? You have the perfect outfit ready, but what about the rest? […]

top 5 signs you are a beauty pro in the making

Top 5 Signs You’re a Beauty Pro in the Making

Have you always known you wanted to work in the beauty industry? Or are you still trying to figure out where you belong? Either way, if you’re reading this it’s because part of you knows the answer. So, why not let us fill in the blanks? Check out the top 5 signs you were meant […]

here's why your going to love daytona college

Here’s Why You’re Going to LOVE Daytona College!

There’s a reason so many people come to Florida every year—it’s gorgeous! The sun, the beach, the weather… and we already know what they’re just finding out: this is where it’s at! There may be other schools out there, but none of them are quite like Daytona College. We’ve got everything! Amazing programs, experienced instructors, […]