Woman on Massage Table feeling the spa vibe

Love the spa vibe? So many jobs to choose from!

It’s safe to say that a career helping people feel and look their best is a pretty rewarding way to earn a living. Maybe that’s why so many people are choosing to pursue careers in the beauty industry. And why not? After all, imagine a daily grind that didn’t feel like a grind at all… because you work in the relaxing atmosphere of a spa! Well, you don’t have to just imagine. Check out some of the great career options for earning your living while you enjoy a little bit of that the spa-life in the process.

Massage Therapist

The spa experience wouldn’t be the same without the healing hands of the massage therapist. The majority of spas offer a range of therapeutic massage services to help relieve pain, improve circulation or to just plain relax! If the power to transform someone’s day with your own two hands sounds appealing, massage therapy is a great career option.


Spas at hotels, resorts and cruise ships almost always have salon services. So, if you’re your passionate about creating signature makeup and hairstyles, working as a cosmetologist in a spa can really let you tap into your inner artist.

Nail Technician

Most spa fanatics would agree, the ultimate spa experience has to include a great mani-pedi. Nail technicians really get the best of both worlds, because they get to be creative and also deliver a service that makes people feel totally pampered.


Amazing facials, microdermabrasion and hair removal are just a few of the services estheticians provide at the spa. But there are many more, and talented estheticians are always in high demand.

Waxing Specialist

If helping people get rid of unwanted hair doesn’t sound exactly glamorous, consider being able to do it in a chill spa environment. And skilled waxing specialists don’t grow on trees, so, it’s a great choice if job security is important to you.

Let’s face it, waking up to go to the spa every day is not a bad way to earn a living. If getting your share of that spa vibe on a daily basis sounds like a dream job, you should check out the Full Specialist with Spa Services Program at Daytona College! Full Specialist Program helps students get hands-on training in skincare and esthetics, nail technology, waxing and much more! Graduates can find exciting jobs, not just in the spa industry, but on cruise lines, wellness centers, sports teams and medical clinics. Contact Daytona College today to learn more about the Full Specialist with Spa Services Program, or to schedule a tour of our campus.