Nursing What can you do with it

Nursing – What can you do with it?

It’s safe to say if you ranked all the career paths out there based on that “I’m making a difference” feeling, careers in nursing – would probably make the top ten. After all, when your job is all about helping other people feel better and you’re in a field that pays well and is predicted to grow at a much faster than average rate – what’s not to feel good about? Even better, the nursing industry offers more than just one way to apply your education. Translation – you have options! If you’re considering a future in the nursing profession, here are some different ways to put your education to work for you!

Nursing Specialties

There are many different specialties within nursing for individuals looking to work in a particular area within the nursing industry. These areas may require additional training or experience and include specialties such as –

  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Diabetes Management Nursing
  • Geriatric Care Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Oncology Nursing

Non-Traditional Nursing Careers

It’s true that the majority of nurses work in hospitals or medical facilities. But of the best things about choosing to pursue a career in nursing, is that you’re not limited to just bedside nursing in a traditional healthcare environment. Nurses can find rewarding careers in places that might surprise you.

Cruise Ship Nurse – Who said you couldn’t enjoy your workplace? Cruise ships must have qualified medical staff on board to provide emergency medical care for a number of things. And while you’ll typically be part of a small team, there’s sure to be plenty of interaction with people from all walks of life.

Travel Nurse – Got itchy feet and a bit of wanderlust? Well, you can scratch that itch and earn a living at the same time as a traveling nurse. There are nursing recruitment agencies that specialize in filling positions all over the world. Just make sure you understand all the immigration and travel requirements for wherever you might end up.

Occupational Health Nurse – If you prefer the analytical and administrative side of nursing, this could be a good fit. Many private companies retain occupational health nurses to ensure their organization is maintaining health standards and adhering to government regulations. They are also tasked with assessing occupational risks and developing policies to minimize those risks.

Home Health Nurse – If caring for people in their own home appeals to you, home health nursing is a great option. These nursing professionals provide medical care and create long-term treatment plans for the elderly or individuals who are confined to their homes for medical reasons.

School Nurse – The majority of elementary, secondary and high schools have a school nurse on staff. These nurses must undergo rigorous background checks and typically are required to obtain school or state-specific certifications. Their common duties include treating minor illnesses and injuries and providing educational support for health programs.

There are plenty of careers that make you feel good about what you do for a living. And then there are careers that make you feel great about what you do for a living – because your job is to make others feel better. That’s a pretty great feeling. And that’s also the nursing profession.

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