Employer Services

Looking for talent?

Daytona College has it!

Use Daytona College’s Employer Services to find graduates who possess the talents you seek.

Daytona College understands how important it is for today’s employers to find quality employees who are intelligent, competitive, trainable and retainable. Our hands-on educational programs prepare our students to succeed in today’s competitive world of health, wellness & beauty, and business. We have the talented and focused individuals you are hoping to find. We can help.

Daytona College values our relationship with employers. The active participation by each employer with Daytona College contributes to the success of every future professional. 

The following services are offered to you and your business:

On-campus Recruiting & Interviewing

Daytona College provides a convenient service to help employers who seek to find the right people for job openings. On-campus recruiting provides an opportunity for employers and students/graduates to connect during on-site interviews at Daytona College. Our Placement Services staff will identify qualified students/graduates and arrange the interviews on your behalf. Employers are provided with a private interview room on campus to meet with qualified candidates.

Program Advisory Committee

Daytona College seeks guidance from industry representatives in our Program Advisory Committees (PAC). The PAC members provide input regarding our academic programs and support the effects of the College to graduate qualified entry-level professionals.

  • Give input on the curriculum content, learning resources, facility and equipment that directly affects our student’s skill level upon graduation.
  • Evaluate our student graduation and employment rates annually.
  • Provides the opportunity to observe our students and their talents first-hand.
  • Opportunity to meet our students prior to graduation. 
  • We welcome new members to our PAC. Contact us for details.

Guest Speaking Engagements

This is your chance to give back to the industry you love, and share your experience with future professionals just like you. Share what is changing in the industry and how professionals are responding to the new needs, trends, and technology.

A guest speaker is an enhancement to the students’ educational experience. Students get a glimpse into the everyday life of the speaker. A link is created for the student between what they learn in their classroom and what they hear during the presentation from a professional in the field. You can make a difference!

Looking for talent? Daytona College has it!

Use Daytona College’s employer services to find graduates who possess the talents you seek.

Career Services

Our Career Services staff matches our students/graduates abilities with the needs of your company.

  • On-Campus Recruiting
  • Career Days
  • Job Posting Bulletin Board
  • Corporate Displays

For more information on graduate placement services, please contact:

Jeanne Rademacher, Career Services Coordinator at  jrademacher@daytonacollege.edu

or Tonya Wright, Director of Student Services at twright@daytonacollege.edu