Student Services

Daytona College is student focused and provides services that promote success and help students attain their educational and life goals.

Services available at Daytona College include:

  • Assisting students in planning and achieving their academic and career goals through admissions interviews, meetings with Program Directors and instructors, and academic advising.
  • Guiding students through the enrollment process and evaluation of possible transfer credits.
  • Conducting orientation sessions for new and returning students. The orientation provides students with information about Daytona College, support services, college facilities, student life, and students’ rights and responsibilities. 
  • Advising students on success strategies including: how to take notes, time management, and more effective methods of material retention.
  • Providing personal academic advising.

Learning Resource Center

The Daytona College learning resource center provides access to resources from all over the world. Materials are carefully selected to support the curriculum and information needs of our students in the fields of nursing, allied health, massage, skincare, nails, cosmetology and barbering. The student portal makes it easy to research and access content that is relevant. Students may access the learning resource center 24 hours a day with Internet access. The library on campus provides Internet access computers and reference materials to complement our programs. Daytona College subscribes to the Library Research and Information Network (LIRN). This network provides users with access to academic content and relevant materials for all programs offered.

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Academic advising is made available to all students enrolled in programs at Daytona College. The staff and administration of Daytona College are available at all times to assist students facing problems which interfere with satisfactory progress. The instructors are available by appointment for extra help and lesson review. Students in need of assistance outside the scope of Daytona College will be referred to a community agency.