careers for medical coders and billers

Careers for Medical Coders and Billers 

If you would like a career in the ever-expanding healthcare field, but prefer administrative duties over direct patient care, a job as a medical coder or biller might be ideal for you. Daytona College offers a diploma in Coding and Billing for Electronic Medical Records Online program which provides comprehensive training in insurance billing, coding, medical records management, and a variety of healthcare specific administrative functions. 

Medical billers or coders can work in a variety of settings including insurance companies, government agencies, doctors’ offices, hospital systems, urgent care facilities, and more. Read on to learn about some of the careers you can pursue with this degree.

Medical Biller

A medical biller submits a coded transcript of a patient’s medical visit to their insurance company to file a claim. They work directly with medical coders, and act as a liaison between insurance companies, healthcare providers, and patients. Beyond submitting patient claims, medical billers are tasked with duties such as reviewing patient bills, setting up payment plans and appealing claims the insurance company dismissed.

Medical Records Technician

A medical records technician ensures that patient medical records are accurate and up to date, so that a medical coder can code them properly to file insurance claims. Medical records technicians track and update medical histories, past claims, treatments, and other confidential information.

Billing Analyst

A billing analyst is responsible for patient billing and making sure that patients are billed correctly. They often act as customer support agents for medical providers, answering patient questions, correcting any discrepancies, and seeking clarification from various departments or insurance companies.

Medical Collector

A medical collector may work for a medical facility or a collections agency and work to collect overdue payments from patients – often by offering alternative payment plans for those who can’t afford to pay their medical bills right away.

Coding Specialist

A coding specialist takes the information from a patient’s medical visit and encodes it so that the medical biller can file an insurance claim. Codes are used to record information such as the patient’s symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prescribed medications and more. Coding specialists work with doctors, medical assistants, and medical billers to ensure the patient’s information is accurately coded so there are no discrepancies in the insurance claim.

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