Graduate Stories

Nothing makes us prouder than the Daytona College Alumni.

We watch them grow, often remembering the first day they started classes, until the day they graduate. They’re a unique group of individuals we’re proud to call our own.

Spread far across the country in fields as diverse as the graduates themselves, our Alumni are out there thriving in careers they love. Take a minute to read some of their comments below.

If you don’t see a representative from a career you’re interested in pursuing, just ask, and we can probably put you in touch with one of our graduates.

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Daytona College Graduate Madisyn


Full Specialist with Spa Services Graduate

When deciding to pursue my career in becoming an esthetician I knew Daytona College was right for me, this is why:

Right from the start as I was talking to admissions representative Nick Wallace, he was extremely informative about the school and what they had to offer. He went above and beyond to make sure I had the best experience possible. 

The education and modalities the program offers is exceptional. Educator Mrs. Ashley is highly knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to her students. Making sure you receive the best education possible. 

Not only are the teachers amazing but the rest of the school staff is as well. Their continuous help and guidance every step of the way prepares you for rapid success in the field.

Daytona College stands out from every other school by far. The education and hours you receive is remarkable. I truly had an amazing experience, which has lead to many job opportunities. My career is thriving and I couldn’t be happier!


Niki W

Medical Assistant Graduate

Daytona College was an amazing experience for me. I am a better mother and person because of it. I actually got a job before I even graduated because of the amazing staff at Daytona College that only wanted to help me succeed. I am thriving in my job. I actually work for the place I did my externship at. They wanted me to work for them as soon as my externship was over. Going to Daytona College was one of the best decisions I’ve made.


Lyndon S

Therapeutic Massage & Medical Assistant Graduate

Daytona College has helped me to be able to find a career field that I really enjoy. They were able to find a career that works with both my massage therapy career and my current study of medical assisting. I chose to study both massage and medical assisting at Daytona College because of the small class sizes and the personalized attention that I needed to be able to get my work done. The teachers are knowledgeable and friendly.


I’sis M

Medical Assistant Graduate

The experience with Daytona College has been nothing less than exceptional. Getting my Medical Assisting degree wasn’t the hard part, finding a job was. Each step of the way, literally two and a half years of interview after interview with nothing, Daytona College still went above and beyond and I’m now on a career path that I love because they never gave up on me. I’m extremely excited to see where this path leads and what awesome things my future holds. I wouldn’t have gotten there without the help of the teachers and staff. Thanks so much for never giving up on me!

daytona graduate Eddrolla Davis

Edrolla D

Medical Billing & Coding Graduate

In life, rare golden moments that produce undeniable gratitude from an upheaval happens few and far between. But when I was blindsided by life and had no idea what my next step would be or even how to make me over again. Then I met Daytona College, the staff and faculty were caring and patient from the first hello, and they remain by my side to the final class. Ever encouraging me to keep pushing forward, even through a hurricane and come out shining. Now with my degree in Medical Billing and Coding and working in a local hospital, I can chart my own course and continue my education standing on a solid foundation. I will always, always be grateful.

Eric A

Medical Billing & Coding Graduate

From the beginning, Daytona College felt different from other schools I’ve been to. The entire program was laser focused on getting me prepared for, and employed in the career field I was entering. I had help with every step and stumble from great people dedicated to ensuring I got where I wanted to be, and never felt like I had to take on this challenge alone. I went from having no knowledge of my field, to being employed within it in about one years time. I’m thankful to the great staff at Daytona College for helping me achieve my goals faster than I ever thought possible.


Amanda R

Medical Billing & Coding Graduate

Daytona College has been a wonderful experience for me. Taking the Medical billing and coding course has given me so much more passion than I ever thought I could have. I am now closer to my dream career and am currently working as a medical document management specialist at a wound care center. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and I have Daytona College to thank for that.

Damaris A

Medical Assisting Graduate

My name is Damaris, I graduated from Daytona College in 2012, for me it’s a privilege to have my Associates of Science Degree in Medical Assisting. My goals were always to pursue my career since I was a CNA for 11 years. Today I feel so thankful with God and all the career development from Daytona College to helping me find a job. I’m so happy to announce in December 2015, I went to interview for MA position and hired me. Since then, I have been working for Premier Physical Therapy for 4 months, it’s a good environment. I learn a lot and I feel so happy my dream has come true. I encourage everyone to be a part of this amazing story and for myself. It’s never too late to change your life. God bless everyone!!! Thanks Daytona College for helping me in my career.

Cheryl W

Cosmetology Graduate

I chose to pursue Cosmetology so that I could be a mother my children could be proud of. I had no idea when I started, that I was going to find myself along the way! I am thankful I made the choice to go to Daytona College because I KNOW I got superior training and focused, individual attention from instructors. I graduated from the Cosmetology program more than ready to start my career as a hair dresser, with the confidence and skills to back it up. My life wouldn’t be what it is today without the training and support I received from the teachers and staff at Daytona College!


Dale W

Therapeutic Massage Graduate

As a graduate of Daytona College, Ormond Beach, I am pleased to say without question that I made the incredible right choice in regards to my education in Massage Therapy.

Living between Orlando and Daytona, gave me many choices for my education however, not one of those opportunities suited me until I found Daytona College, Ormond Beach. As I pulled onto the campus I was greeted with a beautiful facility that was impeccably manicured. Upon entering the building I was greeted by the receptionist feeling very welcome and as if I had found myself at home.

As I began to look around I realized this facility was state of the art, beautiful, clean, organized and inviting! Meeting with an adviser, I was given a tour of the facility. After that we discussed my opportunities and goals and what the College had to offer me. I was very impressed with every aspect of the interview process. It took me no time to make my decision.

I began my studies of massage on December 6, 2010 and graduated September 22, 2011. As the time passed, I began to realize that every person on staff was here for me. Any question I had was answered, anything I needed I felt at ease to ask. And then there were the teachers!!! Incredible people who cared!!! Knowledgeable, Compassionate, Professional, and Fun… Ms. Sharpe and Mr. Brooks are two of the finest people I have had the opportunity of knowing in my life, and can they teach. It has been 30 some years since I have been in school and I completed college with a GPA of 3.94. I credit my teachers for my educational success. Thank you both!

As of today, I have about 25 clients that I am working with on a regular basis. If you are looking for a College, it is my pleasure to recommend Daytona College, Ormond Beach. If you are driven for success, this is the best setting you will find and, as you can see, my choice has paid off! Although I’ve graduated, I know I am still and will always be welcome at Daytona College. Thank you for everything.