5 nail trends to watch for this summer

5 Nail Trends to Watch for This Summer

Summer is a great time to try something a little new, fun, or daring with your nails. This summer, there are new nail trends that are sure to impress. Check out our top five favorite nail trends, give them a try, and wait for the compliments to roll in!

Glass Nails

Glass nails – also known as clear nails or jelly nails – are typically gel extensions that transparently sit atop your natural nails. Add whatever fun nail art you choose, add some stripes or waves, or keep it clear for modern, shiny take.

Patterned French Tips

Give your French tips a little flare by skipping the white tips and going with a fun, patterned tip instead. Try checkerboards, dots, or stripes!

Tiny Touches

Go for fun but simple nail art like a few tiny flowers or polka dots. If you lack a steady hand and want to DIY, you can buy sheets of nail art stickers/decals that feature lots of unique looks like strawberries, smiley faces, rainbows, or hearts.


Make a splash with ocean-inspired nails. Choose between waves or swirls in shades of blue and green, or pick a pale polish that has a subtle, iridescent look, like the inside of an oyster.

Neon Brights

Sure, neutrals and pastels are lovely and safe, but for more of a summer vacation vibe, have some fun with pops of color. Try hot pink, day-glo orange, or even lime green.

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