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Top Things your Esthetician Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Just like your dentist always knows whether or not you’ve been brushing between meals and flossing on a regular basis, an esthetician has that same super power that comes from knowing their craft. For an esthetician, that craft is primarily – skincare.  And your esthetician is invested in your skin. After all, there is no better advertisement of their skill than your smiling, glowing face. So, all diplomacy aside, to keep that face glowing and your esthetician’s street cred intact, here are some things your esthetician wishes you’d stop doing.
Turn your face towards the sun…but not without sunscreen – Who doesn’t love the feel of warm sunshine on their skin? What you won’t love is the damage sun can do if you do not religiously apply sunscreen. So make your esthetician and your skin happy and don’t leave the house without applying at least a 30 SPF sunscreen.
Keep your hands busy…and off your face – You know that compulsion to pick at your face, don’t give in to it! Especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts. Picking at acne can cause scarring and lead to infection. Let your esthetician tell you how to treat blemishes.
A change doesn’t always do you good – A skincare routine works best when it is just that – a routine. Don’t change your routine by trying every new product or fad that hits the market. If you want to try something new, consult your esthetician first. They are trained professionals and will usually know more about trending products and if you should use them. Remember, your skin is just as important to your esthetician as it is to you!
Trust no one – except the licensed professional – Stop heeding the advice of sources with no formal training! Your skincare and beauty regimen are personal and an esthetician’s career revolves around earning your trust by giving you professional treatment and advice. And if you don’t trust your licensed esthetician, why are you here?
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – Value your esthetician’s time as much as you do your own and don’t cancel the day of your appointment or worse, just not show up at all! Not only does it mess up their schedule but can quite literally take money out of their pocket when someone else could have been booked in that spot.
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