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Daytona College –Benefits to becoming a Medical Assistant

There are industries with career opportunities that will never, not be in high demand and the healthcare industry is one of them. The simple fact is that people are always going to need the services of medical professionals throughout their lifetime and that means the demand for qualified personnel to provide those services is never going to go away. The range of career options in the healthcare industry in general is huge and one size, or one career path, definitely does not fit all! So if you have always had an interest in the healthcare industry, consider what type of career would work best for your future.
Not everyone has the resources or desire to take on 4-8 years of higher education and the price tag that often comes with pursuing a career as a physician or registered nurse. And that’s ok! Because the medical field needs so much more than doctors and nurses. If you are one of those people who thrive on helping people and love the idea of not just making a living, but making a difference… you should consider a career as a medical assistant! In the meantime, here are some of the key benefits to choosing a career as a medical assistant for you to consider.
Quick career launch with less $$$ – Most MA programs are 10-18 months long so you’ll be able to get your career started much faster than the average 4-year degree in the healthcare profession would allow. And the price tag for the average MA program is typically far less than the cost for a 4-year degree.
Projected industry growth – Like we said, qualified healthcare professionals are in high demand and even better, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for MA’s is expected to continue to rise by as much as 23% by the year 2024. High demand = job security and many times, better wages.
More predictable schedule – Unlike Doctors and nurses, who can be called in at a moment’s notice, a medical assistant’s hours are typically fairly regular, making it easier to balance work and family.
Multi-state career opportunities – MA certifications are generally valid in most other states, whereas a doctor or nurse is licensed in a specific state and would be required to complete additional training or criteria to achieve reciprocity in other states. 
If it feels good, do it – Perhaps the greatest benefit to becoming an MA is how it makes you feel to make others feel better. An MA has the power to transform someone’s day and can be the difference between an experience being terrible or tolerable.
A good MA is the backbone of a good medical practice and doctors, nurses and patients alike all rely on the skill and compassion of the MA to get through the day.  It’s a rewarding and humbling career that will never leave you bored or wondering where you will find work. If you’d like to learn more about MA training, check out Daytona College. The MA Program at Daytona College is helping students get the training they need to launch successful careers making a difference on a daily basis as certified MA’s.
With flexible schedules and hands-on training from a supportive team of instructors, Daytona can help you on your path to a future of saving someone’s day, one patient at a time.  Call Daytona College today to learn more (386) 267-0565.