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The Best Hairstyles for Fall Weather

Summer has beachy waves and hair pulled up and away from the face to fend off the heat and humidity, Winter has face framing hair down and warm, yet stylish hats to stuff your hair under to keep the chill at bay and Spring has sassy new cuts with a splash of fun to welcome the season of rebirth. But what about Fall? Typically, cooler, not quite frigid fall. We love the season of vibrant foliage and pumpkin-spiced everything – but what do we do with this hair? We’ve rounded up some fall-friendly styles for you to try out fall before we start winding down to usher in a whole new year!
Take it down a notch – Leaving your long, lovely locks down around your face and shoulders feels very fall-friendly and whether you opt for sleek and straight, or lightly curled waves, it’s a great look that can go from the supermarket to a night on the town with little effort.
Half-way down – If you’re like some of us, you don’t think a “face-framing” style is for you because it literally means your hair is in your face all day. But you can still pull off a down style by pulling the strands on both sides of your face back into a high ponytail or just clipped back with a barrette. This ultra-feminine look is so playful, we love it!
Don’t forget behind your ears – We’re talking about one of this Fall’s hottest trends – smooth, straight hair, tucked neatly behind your ears. If you don’t have naturally straight hair, you’ll probably need your favorite flat iron to pull off this style, so be sure to use a good heat protection spray to protect your hair and minimize frizz.
Color me up – We would be remiss if we didn’t throw in a little color to the season known for explosive color. Fall is the perfect time to go little redder, a little richer in color. If you’re a brunette, add some burnished copper highlights for true fall statement. Fair haired fans of fall can go for darker, golden highlights to lend some added warmth to their fall look.
Lobbing it out of the park – We love the lob! In all its’ shapes, lengths and textures! This blunt shoulder-length cut with moderate layering can be worn straight, slightly wavy, full-on curly, parted down the middle, parted down the side, with bangs, without bangs.
Bang – It seems like every season has its own trend when it comes to bangs too! This Fall, we’re pairing baby bangs with a sweet pixie cut or an edgy modern mullet and the result – hot and so very cool at the same time!
Twisting in the wind – Well, twisted into some rocking braids anyway. Braids are still a classic go-to that almost defies seasonality. The crown braid framing your head like a wreath, the long side fish-tail braid or dual braids on each side of your face – braids are a great way to keep your hair under control and still showcase your style!
Enjoy the last bit of what this year has to offer with a fall hairstyle that expresses who you are – today. And go ahead and change it up tomorrow if you’re feeling adventurous. Why not? There are so many awesome styles to choose from.
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