woman being interviewed

Best Interview Looks

First impressions matter. Especially when you finally get the call you’ve been waiting for.  You know – that call, the interview for the job of your dreams call.  What will you say? How should you introduce yourself? But more importantly, how will you look? You have the perfect outfit ready, but what about the rest? Relax! We’ve got some great tips on how to show up with confidence and make your potential employer pretty happy they made that call!
Bright eyes – The best way to look rested, is to be rested. But if you were just a little too nervous to get the right amount of sleep, use a little concealer around your eyes to cover any dark circles. Adding a little white eye shadow to the corners of your eyes will also give them a little boost of brightness and make you look refreshed and ready for anything.
Less is more- than enough –  Save the bold-winged eyeliner and black lipstick for another day and resist the urge to overdo it. If you aren’t someone who usually wears any make up at all, try adding just a touch of blush and mascara. A good balance of makeup shows that you care about your appearance, but don’t feel the need to hide behind it. Confidence and a smile are always your best makeup options.
Keep it Polished – To paint or not to paint? More like, bold and bright or nice and neutral? When it comes to your nails, go with a more neutral tone to keep the focus on your qualifications but always be sure your nails are clean and trimmed.
Updo or don’t – The best rule of thumb is to wear your hair in the style you feel the most comfortable -in. If a tightly wound “power bun,” is the norm for you, then by all means, rock it with gusto! But if you’re more the shoulder length waves type and a power bun makes your head hurt, do what feels right. Obviously, if the job you’re interviewing for has restrictions on how you need to wear your hair, you may want to consider a specific style but for the most part, comfort is key.
Lightly scented – Avoid strong perfumes or scents that are the first thing people notice when you walk in the room. A light, clean scent that is barely noticeable is preferable to even the most alluring aromas you can imagine.
Understated, poised, grace under pressure – hired! You can nail even the most challenging interview if you keep your cool and remember that you have a lot to offer! Having the right makeup, nails and hair will just help your potential employer see that too. It’s a real talent pulling great looks together for a job interview or for any one of life’s many adventures! If you take creating those great and signature looks seriously and have a real knack for it, you might be a great candidate for a career in cosmetology! Cosmetologists are out there on the front lines of style every day, helping people perfect their own perfect style. And you can be too! If you’ve got more than just a little flair for creating signature looks, check out the Barber Styling/ Cosmetology Combination program at Daytona College. With flexible schedules and instructors who are there to share their real-world experience, Daytona College is helping students get the hands-on training and skills they need to become licensed cosmetologists. It’s a great time to start an exciting new career in the beauty industry! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour of our campus.