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Online Education – An Education That Fits Your Schedule

The world around us is changing and so are its students. We understand that when you’re juggling a job and a family, you don’t always have time to attend on-campus classes. Just because you have responsibilities doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on pursuing your dreams or making better choices for your future.
Here at Daytona College, we are proud to offer online degree programs that make it more convenient for you to pursue the education you want. That’s why we offer Associate of Science degrees through our online and distance-learning programs for Medical Assisting and Medical Billing and Coding, and diplomas for Medical Assisting and Medical Billing and Coding.
Online education definitely has its advantages. Flexibility. Control. Possibility. These sought-after ideas are now yours to do with as you like. Through our online programs, you have the freedom to find a schedule that makes sense for your life. Online education puts your future back where it belongs: in your hands.
Our Associate of Science Medical Assisting online program provides training in the areas of assisting physicians, preparing patients for examination, medication administration, and performing diagnostic tests. Among other things, students will learn to collect and process specimens, record vital signs, and perform other administrative duties. Similarly, we offer a diploma program for Medical Assisting. Grads of this online program can work in the offices of physicians, radiologists, and emergency care, as well as in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and more. In addition to the online courses, students will gain clinical experience through participating in an externship for both the Associate of Science and Diploma programs.
The Medical Billing and Coding programs are offered both for Associate of Science- and Diploma-seeking students. Our programs are focused on training students in areas such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), medical records management, insurance billing, coding, and various administrative duties.
Forget about conforming to a “traditional” education that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Take back your future and get online. Let Daytona College get you there.