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Our New Nursing (RN) Program: Creating Superheroes One Degree at a Time

Nurses are where it’s at. Really. They’re the ones putting in the time, asking questions, checking in on patients, and tending to their needs. Hospital nurses ensure their patients’ safety around the clock and they’re the ones sprinting to the bedside when it counts.
If you’ve got a passion to help people others, Daytona College’s new Nursing (RN) program could be the perfect fit. Just think, in 90 weeks you could be on your way to caring for your own patients – people who rely on you for their healthcare.
Whether your heart is in guiding pregnant women to successful births, caring for newborns or helping elderly patients maintain an enviable quality of life, we can help you reach your goal. Are you more interested in surgeries or psychiatrics? We’ve got you covered there, too. Love caring for kids and getting tiny high-fives when they’re feeling better? Pediatrics might be for you.
Our Associate of Science degree will prep you for a career as a professional nurse in any number of settings. Maybe you’d enjoy the buzz of working in a hospital. Or perhaps a slower pace is more appealing? Nursing home facilities are perfect for that with an added bonus of getting the opportunity to forge friendships with some fascinating people. From doctors’ offices to schools to correctional institutions to the military, there’s a need for competent healthcare professionals just about everywhere you look.
At Daytona College, we only succeed when you do. That’s why our curriculum includes theoretical instruction and clinical experience in medical, surgical, obstetric, psychiatric, pediatric, and geriatric nursing. We’ll cover topics like: personal, family, and community health concepts; nutrition; pharmacology and administration of medications; human growth and development; mental health concepts; and body structure and function. We’ll also go over things like interpersonal relationship skills so you’ll learn how best to interact with patients and colleagues alike. (You know, so you’re better equipped to explain how your not-so-sure-footed co-worker ended up on the floor in the first place. Again, only kidding, of course… but just in case.)
Grads will be ready to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) so they can launch an amazing career in an admirable industry. Put that desire to help others to good use. Once you’ve obtained your degree and licensure, nobody will look at you funny for slapping a bandage on a stranger. Check out our Nursing (RN) program or call 386-267-0565 for more information!