Why Become a Nurse

6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Registered Nurse

Whether you’ve already made the decision to become a Registered Nurse or are still on the fence about pursuing this career choice, we’ve got some news for you: this is one profession that makes a huge difference. Here are just a few reasons why you should follow your heart and become a Registered Nurse.
1. You Get to Help Others—in a BIG Way
You’ve always felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from helping people, but it’s more than that. You feel a sense of responsibility—an obligation—to offer assistance whenever possible. It’s what makes you… you. It’s also what makes you a great candidate for our Nursing program. As a Registered Nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to treat, educate, heal, and help patients in various ways. Not just every week. Not just every month. Every single day.
2. It’s Always Interesting
You never know what your day will hold. One morning might present a challenge that you overcome in unimaginable ways. An afternoon could bring in a patient that you’ll never forget. You could be the one who gets to confirm a pregnancy after years of trying to conceive. Whether your patients come to you with health concerns that are large or small, there will likely always be something interesting going on.
3. What You do Matters
Most people want to feel like what they’re doing serves a purpose… that it benefits something greater than themselves. What accomplishes that more than helping others every day? Whether you’re prescribing antibiotics, administering exams or caring for the elderly, every action you take as a Registered Nurse makes an impact on someone’s life. Because what you do matters.
4. You’ll Have Plenty of Job Possibilities
Almost everywhere you look, there’s a need for competent healthcare professionals. From hospitals, nursing home facilities, and doctors’ offices to schools, correctional institutions, the military, and more, there’s no shortage of possible career homes when you become a Registered Nurse.
5. You’ll Be a Bit of a Know-it-All (in a Good Way)
Our Associate of Science program covers topics like: administration of medications; nutrition; personal, family, and community health concepts; pharmacology; human growth and development; mental health concepts; body structure and function; and interpersonal relationship skills. You’ll receive a well-rounded education to prepare you for just about any situation.
6. Nursing Jobs are on the Rise
When we say there’s a need for good RNs, we mean it. The employment rate for Registered Nurses is expected to grow 16% from 2014 to 2024—that’s faster than the average for all occupations. From society’s increased emphasis on preventive care to the growing rate of conditions like obesity and diabetes, well-trained and well-educated nurses who can provide services to those in need are always in demand.
At Daytona College, we recognize the significance of this incredible field. If you’re ready to take the first step toward the career you’ve always wanted, we’re ready for you. If you’re prepared to make a difference in the lives of countless patients, today’s the day to make it happen. Contact us now to get started.