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What is the Multi-State License and What Does it Mean for You?

When it comes to career paths, nursing ranks pretty high on the list for solid future job prospects. With an aging population, universal healthcare and a nationwide nursing shortage, the demand for qualified nurses is high.
In fact, the Florida Center of Nursing predicts a shortage of 50,000 nurses in Florida alone, by the year 2026. Solving a workforce shortage of that size is no small feat in any industry. But in an essential care field like nursing – meeting the demand is not optional, it’s critical.
What is the eNLC?
The enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) is helping address nursing shortage in Florida and other states. It’s also cutting out a lot of regulatory red tape along the way. A multi-state licensing program, the compact allows LPNs and RNs to be licensed in any of the 26 participating states. In 2016, with support from numerous healthcare industry groups, Florida joined the eNLC program.
What can a multi-state license do for me?
It’s simple. A multi-state license means more flexibility and possibly – more job opportunities. You’ll be able to travel or relocate and still work as a licensed nurse. But without all the paperwork, extra fees and additional licensing requirements.
The bigger picture –
The overall impact the program could have on Florida’s healthcare industry in general – is potentially huge. Let’s face it, Florida is a pretty desirable winter location. It’s also the busy season for hospitals and healthcare providers. So, making is easier for out of state nurses to travel and work in Florida has multiple benefits such as:

  • Decreases the burden on hospitals and healthcare providers caused by nursing shortages.
  • More nurses allow more flexible schedules for nursing staff.
  • Enhanced patient care.

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