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Let's Get Flexible!

No, we’re not talking about a rousing game of Twister or an old Richard Simmons routine; we’re referring to the flexibility you’ll find at Daytona College. You embody the next generation of students and we’re surging forward as the next generation of colleges.
Back in the olden days of the 20th century (along with dinosaurs and the like), post-secondary education was largely limited to the classroom. Regardless of the school, the experience generally consisted of a series of events: rush to class; take notes; rush home; and repeat.
Entry into the new millennium has afforded us more in the way of technological advancements than ever before. Where once research was confined to perusing encyclopedias in a library, we’ve now flourished into a world of easily accessible information. Answers to any questions imaginable can now be found within a few clicks.
The benefits of living in a world ripe with technology don’t end with search engine moguls and fancy gadgets; with these advancements also come opportunities for higher education. With the implementation of online courses, now is the perfect time for students to pursue their degrees. Daytona College’s distance learning program is designed both for busy students who are unable to be physically present and for those who simply learn better on their own.
Everyone leads a different life with different responsibilities. We’re all in that together. Whether you’re a single parent, a full-time employee or a hopeful waiting for that perfect job, we understand that your obligations may differ from those of your neighbor. That’s why we believe flexibility is essential to success.
At Daytona College, we’re so committed to helping you reach your dreams, we’ve taken that flexibility to the next level. In addition to our distance learning program, we also offer day and night classes to accommodate all schedules. Some students, like some programs, prefer not to be pigeonholed. For those compromising souls, we’ve also implemented a combination of both learning styles which results in the blended courses offered as part of our Beauty & Wellness and Allied Health programs.
So, whether you prefer the traditional on-campus experience, attending evening classes after work, logging in from home or a combination of a physical and virtual presence, Daytona College offers it all. Contact us today to find out just how flexible we are!