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Industry Pros Spill Why they Love Cosmetology!

The beauty industry? We’re about as diverse a bunch as you can get! That’s part of the draw, though – knowing this is truly a place where people from all backgrounds can come together, thrive, and fit right in.
Some of us are born knowing what we want to do. Others develop an interest later in life. But in the world of cosmetology, you could get bitten by the beauty bug anytime, anywhere – and without ever knowing you had the slightest interest in it!
Take Jessica Haddan; she never even knew she wanted to do hair. After graduating from high school early, and looking for something to do, her career was the result of playing Eeny Meeny Miny Moe with a phone book. It may have begun randomly, but she caught the right tiger’s toe; today, she’s confident she made the right choice.

“The satisfaction I get from my job is making someone feel beautiful in their own skin. And a simple change of a little snip or application of color can make that happen.”

Jessica Haddan, Independent Stylist at Pandora’s Salon

Then there are those who know what they want and go after it. Thomasina Kloepfer knew she wanted to go into cosmetology from a young age – when she decided to cut off half her hair. She enrolled in school, worked at a high-end salon, and built her clientele before venturing out on her own. But how can she be sure she’s in the right business?

“You just know. When you are into helping others and making them feel great – it just clicks.”

Thomasina Kloepfer, Owner and Stylist at 600 the Salon

Sabrina Jenkins had the passion; she had always known there was nothing else out there for her. But her biggest challenge was pushing herself to go to school. Fortunately, her mom knew when a nudge (or a loving body check) was in order.

“I moved from New York and my mom was like, ‘You’re going to look at this school and you’re going to go’. And it was the best decision I’ve ever made… It makes me happy and I love it.”

Sabrina Jenkins, Cosmetologist/Associate at Cameo Salon & Spa

But does cosmetology have the staying power you need to make a life out of it? Kristina Booth thinks so. After more than two decades in the industry, she still gets great satisfaction out of her work.

“I’ve been doing it professionally for about 25 years and this is still what I want to do.”

Kristina Booth, Owner/Master Stylist at Gossip the Salon

No matter how these industry pros got their start, they all have one thing in common: a love of helping others. And when it comes to your future? They had some advice.

“Do it! It’s a lot of work – a lot of hours, but it pays off. I always encourage everyone to go to a salon that offers an extensive apprentice program to craft your skill and become more knowledgeable.”

Thomasina Kloepfer, Owner and Stylist at 600 the Salon

“If [you] have even the slightest interest – go for it. Try it out, go to school. You don’t just have to be a hairdresser; there’s just so much in it.”

Sabrina Jenkins, Cosmetologist/Associate at Cameo Salon & Spa

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