best study habits for nursing healthcare students

Best Study Habits for Nursing/Healthcare Students

If you’re working to get a degree as a medical assistant, practical nurse, registered nurse, or BSN, you know it can be challenging. There is so much to learn! But don’t worry, we’ve compiled some helpful study tips so you won’t have to stress, cram, or pull all-nighters to learn all you need to start on your path to a healthcare career.

Study Materials in Smaller Chunks

Divide and conquer! If you try to learn everything about a certain topic at once, you’ll likely be overwhelmed and have a hard time retaining the material. Instead, focus on just a small part of the subject first, learn all you can about that, and then move to the next piece. For example, instead of trying to learn all about prescription drugs at once, study just a single class of drugs, like antibiotics, or even a subset of that, until you’ve mastered it.

Don’t Go at it Alone

Find a study buddy or join a small study group and go through the materials together. If you are having difficulty understanding something, someone in the group may be able to explain it to you in a new or different way that makes sense. Even if you aren’t attending classes in person, there are lots of ways to study virtually in groups using tools like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Schedule a recurring study time with your group and hold each other accountable.

Have a Study Strategy

Just like you have a schedule that tells you when you will attend class, block out time for studying every day. Choose a time of day when you feel most productive and plan to study then, as that time will be the best time to learn and retain the material. Also, be sure to also block off personal time every day too for relaxing, exercising, socializing to prevent burn out and recharge your brain.

Make Study Time Sacred

Once you’ve set a time for studying, don’t let anything interrupt or distract you. Set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” and silence email, text and social media notifications. Ensure that friends and family know not to bother you during study time and find a place to work that’s quiet and private.

Practice Self-Care

People tend not to do their best when they are stressed out or exhausted. Be sure to get sufficient sleep, try to eat healthy, and take time for exercise, yoga or mediation to de-stress and revitalize. Also, keep your final goal in mind so your end result will allow you to be able to become a healthcare professional and help people for a living.

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