Looking for talent?
It’s here at Daytona College.

We strongly advise employers to come to campus and recruit students who offer the talent and vision needed to meet the demands of your industry. Contact Daytona College today for more information and to schedule a date for interviews with the employees of your future.

Contact Daytona College to plan a campus visit for a Career Day.

Put your business front and center

Reach your target audience of talented people with a corporate display.

Nothing says success like name recognition. Place your business and its mission in the minds of all those talented students who could one day shape the future of your company by setting up a table display on campus. This is one more great way to network with our current students and/or alumni. Please contact Daytona College to schedule a date for your corporate display.

Give our students and alumni a way to contact you about careers; leave applications and brochures and list your business on this site.

You are also encouraged to provide applications and literature about your business for display, which is often visited by students and graduates who are seeking employment. Employers can mail or drop off materials.

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