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What’s Hot: Trending Short Haircuts

What’s Hot: Trending Short Haircuts

Whether you have a signature look or prefer to change your style with the seasons, there are always plenty of options when it comes to short hair. Here are just a few of the ones already trending for 2017.

For the Gals

1. Lob: Looking for something shorter, but not sure you’re ready to chop it all off? The lob is the perfectly stylish compromise. Keep it simple yet elegant with a wavy look or blend your favorite hues in true ombré fashion.

2. Pixie: Will this adorably sexy look ever go out of style? For those adventurous enough to fully commit to short hair, the pixie is just as customizable as your little black dress. Go edgy, try it spiked or keep it classy with a sleek and simple look.

3. Bob: Definitely a timeless classic, the bob is a simple and beautiful way to go above the shoulder in style. Keep it light and easy, get a little blunt or add some texture for more excitement.

For the Guys

1. Textured: Forget about the man bun; short styles are in this year and so is letting your natural texture shine. Crop it up top or keep it messy—either way, this no muss, no fuss look is sure to be a hit.

2. Spiky Pomp: Who says this throwback style has to be long? The ever classic and always cool pompadour is just as effective with shorter hair. Think less Elvis Presley and more Zac Efron.

3. Creative Fade: Watching changing trends is always fun—especially when it comes to the evolutionary fade. Guaranteed to morph and change constantly, there are always plenty of different ways to rock this close-to-the-skin style. With the addition of a subtle side part, curved design or in-your-face surgical line, there’s always a new and inventive way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

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