What is hybrid learning

Top 4 Benefits of Hybrid Learning

Nowadays there are several different ways to learn. One of which is hybrid learning. You may be wondering what exactly hybrid learning is and how you can benefit from it. Hybrid learning – which has become increasingly popular since the pandemic – is a learning model that can offer a convenient, flexible and engaging way to learn. As the name implies, hybrid learning is a combination of traditional in-person classes with online/virtual classwork, giving you the best of both worlds. Many schools initially introduced hybrid classes to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure for students and faculty but have since discovered the many additional benefits that it has to offer. To determine if hybrid learning is right for you, we’ve found the top four benefits.  

Greater flexibility and accessibility

Hybrid programs differ in the number and frequency of in-person classes you must attend vs. online classes. The commute to campus for class is less often as opposed to a fully on campus program. The online learning component, which allows you to take classes from anywhere, makes school more accessible if you live further away from campus. It also makes it more flexible if you have a busy schedule in which you cannot commute to campus as often.

Accommodates different learning styles

Everyone learns best in different ways. Some benefit from online instruction, where there’s an opportunity to rewind recorded lectures or go back and review slides to reinforce the material. While others may find working in-person with instructors and classmates is more engaging and provides a helpful hands-on experience. Overall, hybrid learning lets you learn in both ways.

Creates an independent work environment

A hybrid program can help you refine your time management and organizational skills to learn how to work effectively online. It can also provide the basic understanding of how to use distance learning technologies to efficiently stay on top of coursework and meet deadlines.

Includes hands-on training

Some things cannot effectively be taught solely online – and again, that’s where hybrid learning can make a big difference. A medical assistant, for example, would likely benefit from learning how to draw blood in a one-on-one, in-person interaction vs. learning about it through a lecture. Doing something yourself is often the best way to learn something new, so hands-on, in-person experiences are important to the learning process.

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