medical student posing

Medical Assistants: Take your passion for healthcare to the next level.

You’re a special breed, you know. Love working with people? Have a passion for healthcare? More interested in patient interaction than getting credit for the big stuff? Yep, you’re a rarity in this world and likely to humble to say so.
Medical Assistants are a vital part of the health industry. Usually the first impression a patient gets of a practice, you’ll set the tone for their experience. Maybe Joe Schmoe has had terrible luck having blood drawn other places; fortunately for him, you could be the phlebotomy whisperer. Tiny veins are no match for you! And Wanda Whats-Her-Name? She’s pretty nervous about her test results. But after a few minutes in your capable care, she’s more relaxed and ready to see the doc.
Sure, there might not be quite as much hype surrounding Medical Assistants, but your ability to fly under the radar while making a huge impact in the lives of others is what will help you thrive in this career. And at Daytona College, we’re big on successful careers.
With our Medical Assisting programs, you have the option to earn your Associate of Science degree or your diploma. Decisions, decisions – we know…Plus, since we like to keep things interesting, these programs are offered in a blended format of both on-campus and distance learning.
As a Medical Assisting student, you’ll learn things like:

  • • Prepping patients for exams
  • • Specimen collection and processing
  • • Performing diagnostic tests
  • • Recording vital signs
  • • Scheduling
  • • Records management
  • • Insurance and billing matters

It’s not that we won’t love seeing your face day after day (because we will), but we get that you can’t learn everything sitting in a classroom. So, you’ll participate in an externship to gain real world experience working under licensed physicians.
And once you’ve finished your program, obtained your certifications, and feel ready for the next step, you’ll be equipped to jump into the workforce. Here are just a few possibilities of where you could find a career home:

  • • Hospitals
  • • Physicians’ offices
  • • Nursing homes
  • • Clinics
  • • Emergency care offices
  • • Schools
  • • Government agencies
  • • Military

If you already know (or even just have an inkling) that a career as a Medical Assistant is where it’s at, Daytona College can help you make it happen. Ready for more information? Contact us online or give us a call today at (386) 267-0565!