how to build your clientele as a cosmetologist

How to Build your Clientele as a Cosmetologist

You’ve got the talent. You’ve mastered the skills. But now, as you start your new career as a cosmetologist, you need something else to put you on the path to success – clients!  When you first start working as a hair stylist at a salon or on your own, it can be a challenge to get customers who are willing to give you a try, and also to win them over so they keep coming back. Here are some tips to help you build your clientele.

Get Social

Get the word out in your community that you are welcoming new clients. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and local community groups to introduce yourself, highlight your special skills, share photos of your best haircuts, styles or coloring jobs, and mention special offers or promotions. Ask new clients to follow you on social media, and post frequent updates, positive reviews, and share-worthy content to spread the word.

Create an Excellent Experience

The number one way you can get referrals, acquire new clients, and keep customers coming back is by providing an amazing customer experience. Doing a great job cutting or styling hair is just one part of that experience. You want to make sure that every client you serve feels valued, important and appreciated from the moment they walk in the door. Be friendly, and listen to their needs and expectations. As you cut your client’s hair, communicate what you are doing along the way to put them at ease. Build loyalty by providing your clients with the best customer experience possible.

Create a Portfolio

When you’ve completed a great cut or style, ask your client for permission to snap a few photos to add to your portfolio. They’ll likely be flattered! You can create an old school portfolio with pictures in a binder that your clients can browse through, or better yet, create an online portfolio that you can share and promote. When people see beautiful examples of your work, they’ll be more willing to give you a try with their own hair.

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