woman on crusie ship

Jobs that Travel: Working for a Cruise Line

Wanderlust – the strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world. If you’re among the wandering souls who just can’t bear the thought of staying put… in one place…all the time – you’re not alone. It’s true! The world is filled with adventurers who feel more alive when their feet hit new places […]

woman smiling about nursing

Thinking About going into Nursing? Now’s the Time…

With a surplus of sandy beaches, year-round outdoor activities and sunny days, it’s easy to see why people live in Florida. And with the largest population of residents 65 and older, growing by the day, it’s also easy to see why qualified nursing professionals are in high demand in the Sunshine State. In fact, the […]

woman moving her home

Relocating for School? Here are Five Things You Need to Remember.

Moving away for school can be a thrilling experience, minus the headache of actually moving. Whether you’re going across state lines, across the country, or abroad, there are tons of details you’ll need to consider. If you’re about to be off to great places, these five tips will help get you there with minimal hassle. […]