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Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care: Pretty Much the Best Thing Ever

It’s ironic; doctors go into the medical field because they want to help people. But many people do everything they can to avoid seeing their doctors. What gives? It’s nothing personal—but it’s human nature to not want to be sick and in need of medical treatment. Now Massage Therapists on the other hand? That’s one person most clients can’t wait to see!

Think of it: as a licensed Massage Therapist, you get to help others by relieving their stress, reducing their pain, and promoting a healthier lifestyle. And they’re generally happy to see you! Not a bad way to spend the day.

We’re not surprised these hands-on folks are often so well-liked; at Daytona College, we see plenty of benefits to pursuing a career in Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care. For one thing, you have tons of options. Which industry suits you best—allied health or spa? You could put your Associate’s degree to work with the usual suspects: spas; resorts; or wellness centers. Or you could hop outside the box and find a position with a cruise line, business office or chiropractic clinic. Maybe you’re a diehard fan and you’d rather get in with a sports team; you could do that, too. The point is, you have choices.

Before you can decide where your career will lead, you’ll have to determine where it will begin. That’s where we come in. We may be biased, but we’ve heard Daytona College offers a great Associate of Science degree in Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care. This comprehensive program doesn’t just prepare students for the next chapter of their lives—it creates double-threats. Our curriculum will train you both as a Massage Therapist and as a Facial Specialist. So when it comes time to choose which industry suits you best, you’ll be ready for it.

We’ll teach you the fundamentals:

• skin care techniques
• massage therapy techniques and procedures
• the structure and function of the human body

We’ll teach you the fun stuff:

• hydrotherapy
• aromatherapy
• allied modalities

We’ll even teach you the business stuff:

• law and ethics
• prevention of medical errors
• business and client development
When we’re done with you, you’ll be prepped and ready to sit for the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. That’s good news because you’ll need to pass this exam in order to become a licensed Massage Therapist in Florida. You’ll also have the tools to become a registered Facial Specialist with a certification in Body Wrapping.

Helping people; creating a positive environment; reducing stress, discomfort, and pain—what’s not to love about the world of Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care? To learn more about Daytona College and our Associate of Science degree program, call us at (386) 267-0565. We can’t wait to help you realize your dreams!