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Admissions Requirements

The Daytona College admissions process is designed to be informative, interactive, and not intimidating.  We realize this process is difficult, and we’re here to help you through the process.  So if you’re confused, not understanding, or just feeling a little overwhelmed, reach out to us.  Let one of our admissions representatives help you navigate the process so that you may move quickly from being interested in a new career to a Daytona College graduate on your way to a new career!


Our Admissions Requirements are:

Daytona College admits students of any race, without regard to age, handicap, creed, sex, national or ethnic origin, to all of the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded our students. We do not discriminate in the administration of our educational policies, admission policies, tuition payment programs, or any other college administered programs. The minimum requirements for acceptance to our college are:

1. Evidence   of   one   of   the   following:   high   school graduation, GED equivalent, home-study certificate or transcript from a home-study program that is equivalent to  high school level and is recognized by the student’s home  state, higher education credential earned, such as AS,  AA,  BA,  BS,  MBA,  PhD.  An  applicant  to  any program who has not yet obtained a GED or who cannot provide  proof  of  graduation  may  obtain  GED  testing information  from  the   Admissions  Department. The applicant is encouraged to work with the Admissions Department until the GED is satisfactorily completed. At  that time, the applicant may then continue with the enrollment process.

2. An applicant must be beyond the compulsory age of attendance at a secondary institution in order to be admitted to Daytona College.

3. Applicants enrolling in the distance education programs must complete an online orientation and complete an assessment with a qualifying score of 80%.

4. Applicants who do have the above listed credentials may also be admitted in the Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide programs provided they demonstrate they have the Ability-to-benefit (ATB) from the education or training offered. Applicants seeking admission for ATB must successfully pass the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST). Verbal Forms: VS-1 and VS-2, Quantitative Forms QS-1 & QS-2 with minimum scores of 200 in Verbal and 210 in Quantitative.

Admissions Procedures

Admissions procedures for Daytona College include a personal interview with  an authorized representative of the college, a visit to the college and/or the  Daytona College Learning Management System, completion of all required forms including the enrollment agreement, and payment of the application fee.

The  college  will  determine  an  applicant’s  eligibility  on  the  basis  of educational  background,  personal  interview,  personal  references,  and prior work experience.

A person may enroll at the College or by calling the online admissions department at: 1-877-308-9849. Admissions activity is conducted at 425 S. Nova Road, Ormond Beach, Florida or the toll free number for online programs offered via distance education.




Late Admissions

Students may be eligible for entrance into new group training classes for a period of one-week following the start of class at the discretion of the College Director.