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Clip, Cut, and Shave Your Way to Success with Daytona College’s Newest Program

Are you a licensed cosmetologist looking for a way to stand out above the competition? Are you just beginning your journey into the world of beauty and wellness and looking for a diploma to help you get there? Do you want to make yourself more marketable as a professional? Well, here at Daytona College we do more than lounge on the beach and make northerners jealous (although we do that, too).


Our new Barber Styling/Cosmetology Combination Program was designed specifically for those who want to excel in the beauty industry. Where others stop at “good enough”, we push on and offer an opportunity to cultivate your portfolio by adding additional tools to your skillset.


This program doesn’t discriminate. Whether you have years of experience under your fashionable belt or nothing more than a passion to learn, we want you. This program combines cosmetology and barber styling techniques so grads can apply their knowledge to a career in the cosmetology and barber styling fields. That translates into potential jobs as barber stylists, cosmetologists, hair stylists, nail technicians, and make-up artists. (Gee, maybe Frenchy wouldn’t have been a beauty school drop-out if she had just had more options.)


As the only Volusia County cosmetology school utilizing Pivot Point Education, we use a systematic hands-on approach to train our students in the areas of cosmetology. The Barbering curriculum is supported by Milady. Nobody’s one-trick pony, this comprehensive program will also teach students about law, ethics, and business and client development, among other things.


Because we get that passionate people lead busy lives, our program was also built around flexibility. Class times are meant to work with your existing salon career which is why we have day and evening hours. And, for licensed cosmetologists, the program can be completed in as little as 12 weeks.


Let our Barber Styling/Cosmetology Combination Program help you build an impressive portfolio or nurture an existing one. Add barber styling skills to your repertoire and, among the competition, you’ll shine brighter than a set of pink Ombre hair extensions.


Still teetering on the fence? How about this: the newest member of the Advisory Board Team of the Daytona College Cosmetology Program is celebrity hairstylist, brand expert, and educator Jonathan Antin. He’s visited the campus already, have you?


Beyond the classroom, Daytona College is prepared to back its students and help them succeed in the beauty industry. That’s why we provide career placement assistance to students and graduates. Not only do we help you locate open positions in the field, but we also provide resume review and interview preparation so you’re ready when it’s time.


Worried about affordability? Financial Aid, grants, and scholarships are available to those who qualify. Stop by our Financial Aid office and let our representatives walk you through your options.


At Daytona College, we believe quality training and a fun environment are essential to a well-rounded education. We have many campus events and activities catered to the idea that some of the best memories you’ll have will take place outside the classroom.


Let us help you excel, succeed, and make lasting connections that will follow you on whatever path you choose. Apply today and let’s walk that road together.