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Nursing Assistant — Certificate

Nursing Assistants play an important role as part of the healthcare team by providing direct patient care and emotional and physical support for patients.

Program Overview

Nursing assistants can work in a wide variety of healthcare settings that include skilled, long-term, and assisted living facilities, acute care, home health and Hospice settings.

This program prepares the student for entry-level work as a nursing assistant under the supervision of the RN/LPN team member. Nursing Assistants help patients with personal care tasks, as well as transporting patients and providing support to both the patient and their family. They also monitor the patient’s condition, taking vital signs and maintaining or checking medical and personal equipment such as catheters. Nursing Assistants assist patients with wheelchairs or other assistive devices and may lead patients in therapeutic exercise or other activities to increase strength and range of motion.

Nursing assistants enjoy the benefit of knowing that they are helping people every day. Conditions can be both emotionally and physically demanding. Nursing assistants must have patience and maturity to be able to deal with patients who are abusive or upset, as well as working with individuals when they are frightened. It is also important that nursing assistants are comfortable taking direction from other team members and have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.


Upon successful completion of the courses below, students will be eligible to take the certification exam and earn the credential of Certified Nursing Assistant*.  All students must take the certification exam within 60 days of graduation. The Nursing Assistant Certificate Program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.

The Nursing Assisting program consists of 120 contact hours of instruction and clinic practice.  A certificate is awarded to a student upon successful completion of all graduation requirements.  The Nursing Assistant program is completed in six (6) weeks:  Four (4) weeks of classroom and lab and two (2) weeks of clinical.

*The state of Florida certifies candidates as nurse assistants by using a two part exam.  It consists of a 60 question written portion, in which the state allows a maximum time limit of 90 minutes to complete, as well as a clinical or (demonstration) portion, in which the state allows a maximum time limit of 35 minutes to complete.  You will need to pass both portions of the exam in order to become state certified as a nurse assistant.

This program is currently offered on-campus.

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